The Restaurant

The restaurant is open every day, for lunch and dinner, from March 15th until November 15th (closed on Saturday lunch-time only). You will taste a gastronomic cuisine based on local products, some are even grown fresh from the Chef’s own garden. You will either be able to take a place in a beautiful indoor room or on our terrace.

We can also organise group meals and events such as anniversaries, weddings and seminars. Please do not hesitate to contact our front office team for any special demand.



“Cooking, a passion, a sharing, a way of life.

The Centenaire allows me to show my passion for high quality products. I am very close to all of my local suppliers and I am honoured to let you discover the fruits of their labour. Some of my ingredients come directly from the Centenaire’s garden, which you can even visit with me.

To me, cooking is also about sending my guests’ taste buds on a journey. Therefore, you will find some exotic products on my menu which are native to Reunion island; my partner Chloé’s homeland.

The gastronomy is most of all a sharing of taste and knowledge. Nothing would be possible without our beautiful team that is joining myself and Chloe to offer you an extremely unique experience.”

Chef Mathieu Métifet,
Maître Cuisinier de France

Menu Centenaire été 2020