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Discover the precious heritage of the Dordogne,

through its world-famous caves such as Lascaux, Fond de Gaume, Bernifal or Combarelles.

Grotte de Fond de Gaume
Grotte des Combarelles


Discover the 1001 castles,

that punctuate the landscapes of the historical journey you will follow. We recommend chateaux de Commarque, Marzac, Beynac or Castelnaud, a few of many. From the prelude of mankind to the Gallo-Roman antiquity and the Christian era, the Périgord presents a complete fresco of the evolution of architecture.

Château de Beynac
Château de Castelnaud
Château de Commarque
Château de marzac

Sporting activities

The Périgord is an ideal place for sport lovers!

Glide down the Dordogne or the Vézère rivers by canoe or kayak with the help of our partners: Canoë Vallée Vézère, Canoë Vacances Dordogne amongst many others, we can of course offer our advice.
Soak up the sun with your friends or family and enjoy outdoor activities such as a golf day at Lolivarie Golf Club, or a horseback ride at La Ferme des Eymaries.

La Ferme des Eymaries
Lolivarie Golf Club
Canoë Vallée Vézère
Canoë Vacances

Gastronomy specialties

The Périgord, a land of excellent products.

Don’t miss its unavoidable specialties such as Bergerac wines (Julien de Savignac, Domaine du Haut Montlong), foie gras (Foie Gras Galtier), goose (Les Granges) or Les Eyzies’ own Caviar (La Perle Noire).

Julien de Savignac
Domaine Haut monlong
Foie gras Galtier
Caviar Perle Noire
Élevage d’oies Les Granges


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