Everything is homemade


Immerse yourself in the unique culinary world of chef Mathieu Métifet, where everything is homemade. With passion and commitment towards sustainability, he invites you to discover his authentic cooking.

Our delights are not only homemade, but also prepared with local, fresh and seasonal produces, for an nice culinary experience.

From breakfast to dinner, be pleased by our creations: pastries, butter, sauces, starters, main courses, and desserts, all prepared with care and creativity by our kitchen team and Chef Mathieu.

At the bar discover our home-made alcohols, especially our artisanal rums, created by every member of our team. Let yourself be seduced by the syrups prepared by our pastry chef Camille, which you can find in our cocktails.

Throughout your meal, you can find the spices of the chef. Made from seeds, they are then ground into a spice powder. With six ranges of spices like Indian Curry, Tandoori, Lobster Bisque, and many more, he will surprise you in a single bite. He has also create his own vegetables soup, composed from a variety of dried vegetables.

To flavor it all, the chef prepared three types of salts and peppers, such as the salt of the Bocerno walnuts or the red meat pepper. If you like, you can find the chef’s spices in our shop.

Enjoy our different homemade bread, shaped by our baker Benoît. Find in La Table du Centenaire the white bread, the corn or the walnut bread to complement your meal and to make your dinner a crunchy moment.

Chez Chloé, enjoy farmhouse bread, which goes very well with your dishes.

For breakfast, taste our homemade pastry with a seasonal marmalade.

Try at the bistro Chez Chloé, the homemade charcuterie that you can find on the “Chef’s charcuterie assortment” sharing board.

Still with a focus on homemade products, there is also a recycling of products, for example orange peels are ground into powder and then used in desserts.

So, don’t wait any longer! Come and sample the cuisine of Mathieu Métifet at La Table du Centenaire and the bistro Chez Chloé!

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