2023 Sustainable Development Trophy – Zero Waste Room

Trophé développement durable

The Dordogne department organised the 4th Dordogne-Périgord Sustainable Development Awards.

We had the opportunity to take part to challenge thanks to our ecological approach within our establishment. We won the Sustainable Development Trophy in the business category for our “Zero Waste” objective in the rooms.

This trophy is designed to identify people who are involved in sustainable development and to highlight their actions, with the objective of inspiring the public of Perigord to launch and implement initiatives to promote an ecological transition.

In our hotel, we have introduced several initiatives to encourage sustainable tourism.

Since the reopening of 2023, we have removed all waste in the rooms. It is a process that we have started a few years ago.

  • First, we have removed the samples of cosmetic products, which have been replaced by solid soaps and shampoos that you can choose when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Courtesy water bottles are replenished with our filtered water fountain.
  • The tea and coffee from our Sainte-Alvère roaster are presented in bulk by a piston machine.
  • Finally, you can even make yourself a freshly picked herbal tea from the window boxes on your balcony.

In addition to our rewarded action, we have changed other behaviours.

The Chef Métifet Mathieu’s cuisine is committed to the environment, and he is very aware of the impact of his cooking on the environment. All his dishes are homemade, using fresh, local, and seasonal products. He has drastically reduced the amount of waste he produces by creating short circuit partnerships and by using all the products entirely. The chef has also created his own herb garden.

Since 2021, our employees have been using Anotherway cleaning tablets to limit plastic waste. This company has opted to use tablets that dissolve in water in reusable spray bottles.

In line with this approach to respecting nature, a waste management policy has been put in place, including extensive selective sorting throughout the establishment, the production of compost and the use of reusable bottles for drinks.

We are proud of our eco-responsible approach to preserve the Perigord region.

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